2022-04 Cullinan Day Trip

Overview, trip report, images, and reviews from our visit to Cullinan.


Cullinan is a small town in the Gauteng province of South Africa. It is located 30 km (19 mi) east of the city of Pretoria along the diamond route and is heavily reliant on tourism and the mine that dominates the skyline. The town is named after diamond magnate Sir Thomas Cullinan.

Cullinan Day Trip Report
Cullinan day trip

Equipped with an itinerary that we compiled from the Dinokeng Activity Map, we set off to explore the small town of Cullinan. An extensive overview of this quaint little town is available on the Dinokeng website.
Upon arrival, after a short drive from Pretoria, via Rayton, we quickly added “bohemian” and “eccentric” to describe the little town. The numerous establishments have a distinctly retro look and feel, with the mining industry theme subtly showcased in their decor.
Being a public holiday, it was somewhat busy, but ample parking was available under the shady trees. The town is a favorite amongst the biker community, as was the case on our visit. A small park has relics of the mining era on display. Flea market vendors had set up their stalls to sell their wares. COVID-19 protocols were enforced and adhered to everywhere we went.
There are a variety of shops, coffee houses, and eateries available. Please refer to the Dinokeng Activity Map () for more information.
After a morning of exploring, we had lunch at Harry’s Pancakes, followed by a quick drive through the town and its outskirts, before we headed home.
We did not visit all the attractions on offer and will return for an extended visit. There will undoubtedly be memories to add to our Highlights of Dinokeng photo album on our website.
For a day’s outing, it is worth visiting this gem (pun intended!) of a small town.