What we do

We are Xander & Mariaan, a husband and wife team photographing the beauty of South African nature and reviewing the South African hospitality industry.

Xander & Mariaan - husband and wife team photographing the beauty of South African nature and reviewing the South African hospitality industry
Xander & Mariaan

We recently decided to diversify and expand our freelancing services.

We now offer

  • a photo shoot of your establishment;
  • website design, creation and maintenance;
  • establishment of social media presences;
  • the development of SEO to promote your website;
  • and more!

We believe that man and woman were put on this earth to supervise and manage the Creation and as such, we strive to educate and inform people about the wonder of nature through our photography.  We feel that any effort, how insignificant it might be, can have a positive impact on nature conservation.  We also aim to showcase the beauty of South Africa by visiting most of the scenic locations that our country has to offer.

We identify possible partners that have nature related- and based establishments – in order to visit and through our services, promote what they offer.  Our target market is bush/game lodges, wildlife sanctuaries and adventure companies, but we will gladly work with anybody that require our services.

We operate within a 120 km radius from our base in Moreleta Park, Pretoria.

Radius map

120 km radius (Click to enlarge)

What we offer

Establishment photo shoots
  • You will receive between 30 and 50 high-resolution photographs, to use as you see fit. The photographs will be of your establishment interior and exterior and the facilities and surroundings of your establishment. The photographs can be used on your website or for posting to social media.
  • We do regular photograph postings to the major social media platforms, containing a short narrative describing the photograph. The photographs taken at your establishment will be used for this, over a period of time.
  • We will also post a review of your establishment on Tripadvisor, Google Maps and on your Facebook page.
  • The photographs, reviews and your establishment details will be published on our website, for viewing by our site visitors.

What we require in return –

  • Creditation for the photographs taken by us – published on your website.
  • A once-off endorsement of what we do – published on your website and posted to your social media.
  • Our watermarks are to remain intact in the photographs published.
Accommodation photographs shoot list

Minimum 6 photographs per 1 bed & 1 bath type unit

  • 2 x Lounge/Living area
  • 1 x Bedroom
  • 1 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Exterior

Minimum 8 photographs per 2 bed & 2 bath type unit

  • 2 x Lounge/Living area
  • 2 x Bedroom
  • 2 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Exterior

Minimum 10 photographs per 4 bed & 2 bath type unit

  • 2 x Lounge/Living area
  • 4 x Bedroom
  • 2 x Bathroom
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Exterior

The website that we design and create for you could contain all, or a selection of the pages and features tabled below, depending on your requirements.

Pages & Features



About us

Contact details














Social media & Sharing



(Tariffs are dependant on the number of pages and features selected)

Internet domain creation/transfers for your new website can be facilitated by us if required.

PS:  We designed and created all of our own websites and perform all our own maintenance and updates. Feel free to explore our websites to establish what your requirements are.

SEO, Social media and Maintenance

SEO and social media: SEO- and social media platforms can be established for ongoing marketing purposes, for an additional fee.


Regular website maintenance can be provided for a monthly/yearly fee.

Our tariffs are available on our e-Store page. Please refer to the ‘About‘ section and ‘Travels’ menu option above for more information about us and examples of our work.  Feel free to contact us!