Travel preparation

This is a list of all the high-level planning activities and actions that we go through when planning a trip.  You are most welcome to tailor it to your requirements and make use of it in planning your trips.  We can provide a Google Docs/Sheets version, if required.  Contact us.


Activities & actions

1 month before departure
Reservation confirmation
Contact house- & pet sitters
Set up to-do list for sitters
Check travel containers contents
Compile a menu & wine list
1 week before departure
Confirmation of scheduled activities
Buy groceries, meat & wine
Do gas refill
Charge mobile power banks
Check WiFi modem air time
Deposit toll fees in account/procure toll credits
Compile emergency contact details
Compile packing- & checklists
Study relevant photography tutorials
Prepare cameras
Prepare notebook
Reset and program GPS
Do technology data backups
Freeze cooler blocks
Compile game species checklists
1 day before departure
Create email vacation rules
Print hardcopies of travel related documents
Perform 14-day weather check
Day of departure
Check tire pressure
Buy perishables
Update expenses list
Withdraw cash
Buy provisions for journey
Load vehicle
Fill up with fuel
Clean vehicle windshield
Check vehicle coolant & oil levels
1 day before return
Update diary/journal/notes
Compile lessons learned
1 day after return
Do camera cleaning & preparation
Within 7 – 10 days after return
Do blog updates
Do photo processing
Do photo publishing
Publish resort reviews/trip reports