Welcome to our newly established internet presence!

To date we have been jointly operating under the eX-Base Photography banner, but we recently had the privilege to expand our equipment base and skill-sets and as a result decided to split our operation into three streams –

  • Nomads – Nature photography and Travel reviews (Operated by Xander and Mariaan Buys)
  •  eX-Base Photography – Architectural, Concert and Lifestyle photography (Operated by Xander Buys)
  • Purple Hat Photography – Architectural and Lifestyle photography (Operated by Mariaan Buys – coming soon!)

This restructuring will allow us to publish relevant content in a more structured and logical fashion and also allow us to showcase our individual portfolios.

Going forward all new nature- and travel related content will be published on this site, with back-links to previous content captured by eX-Base Photography.  This is why a lot of the images will continue to show the eX-Base Photography branding.  Photo albums and reviews will also redirect to the respective eX-Base Photography Flickr and Tripadvisor websites.  This will be rectified in time, please bear with us.

In the meantime, please check back often for updates or subscribe to receive update notifications.